Time to be reborn

          The project

          Every event changes us. A trace remains on our path, testifying to a moment we lived.

          During the quarantine we perceived space and time as never before.
          Space: the home as a family environment and as a lived place. The place that has welcomed and protected us, and which we have taken more care of.
          Time: waiting times, but also time of good quality.

          This work was born from the need to tell an intimate moment of change, and to make the space around us more beautiful through art.

          “Time is the state that accompanies change.
          A dimension, a passage, a trace.”

          The technique and the materials

          The work is a chalcographic print made with carborundum and aquatint techniques on Fabriano paper, contained in a Fedrigoni paper box.
          “Everyone has his time and his rebirth.”

          The uniqueness

          The prints will have a limited edition for each subject. Each work is different and original. Both for technical reasons and to represent the idea of diversity with which each of us has lived the own chrysalis period.
          “Time is the envelope that makes us chrysalis.
          It prepares us to face the sky with new wings. ”